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A Ministry Who Helps Men, Women and

Their Families with Substance Abuse


WOMEN'S TRANSITION HOME WOMEN'S TRANSITION HOME 205723859 206250952 Sign at women's home Finally got our sign up at our women's transition home! 206402829 Fence in progress at women's home We had volunteers help us with out feince and we now have it completed. Will post photos soon! 206402830 Security gate completed! Secretary gate completed. 206402831 Working on security gate Working on security gate. 206402832 One of our favorite volunteers, my father-in-law, Louie Hogue working on our fence at our women's transition home. 206402833 Volunteers, Louie Hogue and Olen Walley, working on our fence at the women's transition home. 206402834 Women's home before our new paint job! 206402836 Before our new paint job 206402837 Before our new paint job 206402838 New paint job in 2020 AFTER our new paint job! 206402839 New paint job 2020 AFTER our new paint job! 206402840 Director of Women's Program-Sarah Smith Our director of our Women's Program, Sarah Smith, speaking at Lake Washington Baptist Church, December, 2020. 206402842 Thank you!! Thank you to Rolling Fork Methodist Church for your donation. We appreciate it so much! 206402843